Grant Writing for geniuses!

There are so many books for Dummies and Complete Idiots.*

But what about books for people who are smart? I mean really smart. I mean mad-scientist smart. I mean people who have IQs way off on the right-hand-side of the Bell Curve?

Most “grant writing” books are encyclopedic. They try to teach everything you need to know about writing a grant proposal.

My book is the opposite. It is the least you need to know. Grant Writing from the Ground Up is a concise workbook that teaches you the core principles for writing a grant proposal that is compelling and that precisely aligns with the funding agency. It’s only 110 pages long, it’s step-by-step, and it is funny.

If you are smart, you’ll buy this book.


* The Dummy and Complete Idiots books are actually wonderful. Please don’t sue me.